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Jun 28, 2016 A new and very useful service for all tourists travelling to Moscow, Russia has launched makes the Russian capital friendlier and easier to navigate for tourists, providing... Apr 15, 2016 Moscow to St.Petersburg in half an hour! Russia can get the first vacuum train in the world. Russian government is interested in the project... Mar 17, 2014 Russian Railways trains are becoming barrier-free for all passengers Russian Railway employees now help passengers with limited mobility to get on and off trains. The s... Feb 20, 2014 KISS for 685 million Euros “Aeroexpress” Company signed a contract for double-deck carriages delivery to transport... Jan 29, 2014 The exclusive train by Russian Railways – museum consists of nine carriages and each of them is unique The train was made in 2011 by the Russian Railways. The point was to show the history of the Russia... Jan 10, 2014 Duty free shops for train passengers by Russian Railways The Russian Railways has started a pilot project and opened a duty free shop for passengers travell... Dec 9, 2013 Russian Railways will connect Moscow and Kiev with a new express train Mikhail Akulov the General Manager of “Federal Passenger-Carrying Company” (Russian... Nov 27, 2013 New train – automobile road in Sochi A brand new road for both trains and cars has just been opened in the Olympic Sochi. The length... Nov 12, 2013 Russian Railways is ready for the Olympic Games First long-distance double-deck coaches were introduced by the Russian Railways in Moscow on Novemb... Nov 8, 2013 New Comfortable Trains for the Olympic Games According to the Russian Railways research almost 50 percent of all passengers coming to the Wi... Dec 29, 2012 RZD to introduce special non-refundable tariffs Russia's Ministry of Transportation has published a draft for a new legislature that introduces ra... Nov 30, 2012 RZD to order 675 locomotives RUSSIA: A letter of intent for Russian Railways to order 675 electric freight locomotives from the... Oct 21, 2011 Could a Russia-US rail tunnel be built? Russian officials have backed the idea of a rail tunnel linking Russia and the US. It would r...
Apr 19, 2016 New modern double-decker trains become popular in Russia The first double-decker train departed on October 30, 2013 from Moscow to Adler (Sochi). At th... Mar 24, 2014 Russian Railways: Only 3 hours from Moscow to Kazan by high speed train High speed trains will take passengers from Moscow to Kazan for approximately 3 hours. It will be p... Mar 6, 2014 New Wi-Fi movie service is available on Russian trains A new Wi-Fi movie service is available on trains from Moscow to Nizhniy Novgorod since 3 March ... Feb 12, 2014 The Russian Railways runs additional trains from Moscow to Helsinki in March To supply the growing demand for train tickets during Women’s Day celebration on 8 March the ... Jan 21, 2014 Spanish new unique speed trains for the Russian Railways Spanish company “Patentes Talgo” has created new unique speed trains for the Russian Ra... Dec 16, 2013 Wedding trip by train A new wedding train route coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the company was started by the Ru... Dec 3, 2013 Russian Railways vs. Apple copyright dispute was postpone until December 17 The lawsuit initiated by Russian Railways against Apple Inc. demanding the two million roubles r... Nov 18, 2013 Being an “anachronism” third class carriages are to be replaced The President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin shared the plan to replace third-class sleepers ... Nov 11, 2013 Trans-Korean Railway reopening after a long renovation The very important railway track connecting Russian eastern border with the North’s port o... Jan 4, 2013 Hyundai apologizes for discomfort on high-speed trains in Kiev The company has started working on the liquidation of malfunctions, which, first of all, are linked... Dec 10, 2012 Cross-border service trial between Russia and Finland Russian Railways’ Federal Passenger Company subsidiary is to operate a trial international p... May 29, 2012 New Hyundai trains bring frustration, not comfort to Ukrainians The arrival of new South Korean speed trains this month to the Ukrainian railway was heralded as a...

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