FAQs Tickets Buying Guide

Paying for your tickets

After you receive confirmation of your successful reservation from our staff, you will be provided a credit card authorization form, allowing you to pay for your tickets. Please, have this form faxed or emailed to us. After your card is charged, tickets will be issued and delivered if requested. You may also choose to pay cash for the tickets at our Atlanta, San Francisco or Moscow offices, or via wire transfer, or by check or money order at our offices in USA.


Tickets Delivery

Q: How do I receive the ticket?

E-tickets are now available on most popular Russian routes. If your train offers e-tickets you will see a near the namenumber of the train. Your e-ticket will be sent to you by email. You will need to print it out and present it along with your passport when boarding the train.

For trains where e-tickets are not available, you will receive a ticket purchase confirmation from us. You will need to print it out and exchange it for a boarding pass at a ticketing office or a self-service terminal (when available) of any train station in Russia. For international routes only paper tickets are issued. Delivery fees apply.

Q: Can I buy 4 tickets in the same compartment in 2nd class if only 3people/2 people are traveling?

A: Yes, just enter passenger's data twice, e.g.: John Smith, John Smith (he will actually have 2 tickets), Samantha Smith, Robert Smith - this way the family of 3 people will have a full compartment.

Q: I'd like to book a seat place on a train Moscow- St. Petersburg and I see there are different prices for the same train in different carriages. What is the difference between them?

A: There are different classes of seating options on day trains: 1st class has 2 seats together ( business class airplane-style seats) and some services in the car: a cafeteria serving snacks and beverages. 2-nd class usually has 3 seats together, the seats are economy-class airplane style and no food or beverage services are offered in this car.

Q: I'd like to book a 1st class/2nd class berth on a train, prices are different, what is the difference between them?

A: The more expensive tickets include additional services like reading materials and sometimes a lunch box (bread, cheese, sausage, salad, yogurt, and pastry). The cheaper tickets offer no additional services. Also, first class cars with second class seats and with service are usually newer, cleaner and a bit more comfortable.

Q: When I booked a ticket on your web-site there were two first class berths still available, why are they not available now?

A: Russian Railways do not allow you to book tickets in advance. Only our colleagues in Moscow office in Russia can issue tickets. That’s why we ask them to do it for you. Because of the time difference they usually do it in 1-2 days after receiving your order. By that time somebody can just go to the train station and buy those 2 or 3 tickets. So, when you book your seats, you need to make sure that there are plenty of seats or berths available for your desired travel date. However, we will do our best and find a different train, or a different class ticket for you for the same date.


Return and cancelation policy

For returns of unused train tickets purchased through www.trainsrussia.com please follow these steps:

1. All ticket returns must be be made through a ticketing office of the Russian Railroads by presenting passports used for tickets’ purchase. If the tickets are being returned by a person other than a passenger, such person must present a notarized power of attorney drafted in Russian along with a photocopy of the passenger’s passport.

Please, note ticketing offices located in countries of the former USSR (other than the Russian Federation) cannot facilitate any refunds and can only release the spaces on the train previously reserved for the passengers who are returning tickets to the general public. The document issued as proof of such return (in addition to the documents listed above) can be used to claim refunds through a ticketing office located in the Russian Federation within 6 months after the train’s departure.

It is recommended that all returns are made no later than 8 hours prior to the train’s departure on routes within the borders of the Russian Federation, and no later than 24 hours prior to the train’s departure on international routes, including those to and from countries of the former USSR. Amount of penalty/refund is determined based on when the return takes place.

2. Send a copy of the refund receipt to info@trainsrussia.com. Please, note that refund amounts are credited to the same account that was used for the purchase within 7 to 30 calendar days after the date of return.

3.TrainsRussia.com will credit your account for the amount stated in your receipt issued by the Russia Railways.


How to read your international ticket

An international railway ticket consists of two pages. See details of fields for both forms below:

1 Dates the ticket is valid for.
Passenger’s last name/ citizenship / travel passport’s serial number
2 Departure/Arrival station
Class of train carriage
3 Route frequent stops
Ticket price
Day of departure, train and car number are specified in the ink-stamp line
4 Official use line

1 Passenger’s last name/ citizenship / travel passport’s serial number
2 Date and time of departure
Departure and arrival destinations
3 Train number
Train car number
Seat/berth number and type (i.e. Seat, sleeper, top, bottom, side berth)
4 Reserved seat/berth price
5 Official use line