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Russian Railways will connect Moscow and Kiev with a new express train

Mikhail Akulov the General Manager of “Federal Passenger-Carrying Company” (Russian Railway brunch) announced that Express train between Moscow and Kiev will start running at the end of 2014. Modern couches made by Spanish company Talgo will run on this route passing curve spots of the road in a very high speed and this will allow to save up to 30% of the travel time. They expect that it will take about 7 hours to get from one capital to the other.

The train will make just one stop in Bryansk. The declaration of improving passenger transportation was signed there between Russian and Ukrainian delegations.

It is worth saying that it is not the first time that Russian Railways takes the lead in starting fast passenger transportation project between Moscow and the capitals of Russia’s “near abroad”. Russia and Latvia were discussing the possibility of mega project in organizing a fast train connection between Moscow and Riga. But the cost sheet of 20 billion euros was too big and they decided to abandon the project.