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Spanish new unique speed trains for the Russian Railways

Spanish company “Patentes Talgo” has created new unique speed trains for the Russian Railways which are going to runs between Russian and Ukrainian Capitals with only one stop in Bryansk. The trip will only take 7 hours due to new technology used in carriage production. The average speed of these trains is 120 km per hours and the maximum is 160 km per hour which is approximately 15 km per hour faster than usual. According to the contract “Patentes Talgo” is providing the Russian Railways with 7 trains of this type in 2014 and each of them consists of 20 carriages. The trains can work on both continuous and periodic current and they are equipped with unique system which allows to change track gauge automatically without stopping the train. There are 414 berths in 16 passenger carriages of 1 and 2 class, restaurant car, bistro car and two technical carriages on the trains. Passengers can choose out of carriages just with seats and compartments with a private bathroom. Wi-Fi will be available there as well.