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Visitor Activity

The exclusive train by Russian Railways – museum consists of nine carriages and each of them is unique

The train was made in 2011 by the Russian Railways. The point was to show the history of the Russian railroad development and modern technologies used in the industry now. For the last 2 years the train covered 150 km visited 350 cities in Russia and received about 400 thousand guests.

The museum exhibition consists of different train models, locomotives, special equipment used on railroads. Visitors have intense interest in fast trains like Sapsan, Allegro and Lastochka. There is also a special training machine where anyone can act as a locomotive driver. The lecture carriage is equipped with photodiode model “Star sky”. Miniatures and schemes of railroads and train stations are also displayed there.

A small piece of Chelyabinsk air stone was recently brought to the museum as well.