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KISS for 685 million Euros

“Aeroexpress” Company signed a contract for double-deck carriages delivery to transport passengers to Moscow airports. The vendor of the carriages is Swiss company Stadler which will provide Aeroexpress with 25 trains. According to the contract which was signed in Moscow Mayor’s office Stadler is providing 118 carriages to Russia by May 2016. Another 54 carriages will be delivered later. The carriages will be produced on the basis of well-known Swiss trains KISS made of light aluminum which allows to decrease the carriages weight and expenses on exploitation. New trains will run at the speed of 160 km per hour. The sum of the contract is 685 million Euros. Cooperation with Stadler company will help to solve one of the major concerns which is growing passengers flow for almost 20% every year. New double-deck carriages will allow passengers to travel with comfort as the trains meet the highest international standards.

New trains will start to operate between Moscow airports and the city center in 2015. The first double-deck carriage passengers will be able to travel to Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports and a bit later to Sheremetyevo. The whole carriage rolling stock will be renewed by the end of 2016. In order to optimize the expenses they plan to vary the number of carriages in trains and use only 4-6 pieces in the evenings.

The old carriages will be used in regional projects.