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New Wi-Fi movie service is available on Russian trains

A new Wi-Fi movie service is available on trains from Moscow to Nizhniy Novgorod since 3 March 2014. Passengers get access to the portal with multimedia video content online: films, cartoons, soap operas. Both known old and new films are available. The list will be constantly growing.

The service is available for all passengers with Wi-Fi technology devices. They just need to get a PIN-code from the train conductor and connect to the net. The price for 1 video is 100 rubles (3 USD).

This service was also available on double-deck trains from Moscow to Adler during the Olympics this year in Sochi.

The Russian Railways plan to provide this Wi- Fi movie service on a lot of other trains such as Moscow – Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg – Adler, Astrakhan - Moscow and Moscow – Samara.