Russia - Europe Trains

Trains between Germany and Russia

There are many ways to travel into Russia from Europe. You can arrive from Germany, Finland, and from Poland. You can also enter Russia through Latvia, Estonia, or Ukraine. Please note: a transit visa is required for trains that stop or go via Belarus. The following are just a few options we can recommend for a quick and efficient trip into the Russian cities of Moscow or St. Petersburg.

If you travel from Germany there are 2 non-transit trains to Russia. Also there are a few daily trains from Berlin to Warsaw.

Moscow - Berlin

Train # 13, Moscow - Berlin
Beginning July 10, 2004, a luxury carriage was added to train No. 13/246-247/14 Moscow-Berlin which is in service regularly 3 times a week: departs Moscow on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays and leaves Berlinon Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

The carriage has four double compartments and a bar. Each compartment is equipped with a sofa transferable to a full bed, an additional upper sleeping berth, air conditioning system, a bathroom with heated floor, and a shower cabin. The compartments are also equipped with LCD TV monitors with a DVD/VHS player.

There are 1st and 2nd class compartments as well. The 1st class has sleeping berths for 2 people.

The 2nd class has sleeping berths for 4 people.
The train also features nice dining car.

Departs from Moscow
(Belorusskaya station):
(Mon,Wed,SatñWINTER; daily, except FriñSUMMER)
Arrives to Berlin: 10:23
Travel time: 1d 3h 44m
#014 Berlin ñ Moscow
Departs from Berlin: 13:34
(Tue,Thu,SunñWINTER;daily, except SatñSUMMER)
Arrives to Moscow (Belorusskaya station): 20:20
Travel time: 1d 4h 46m
Total: km/miles: 1907/1185

Train: #013 Moscow - Berlin
Departs: Moscow, Belorusskaya railway station [only on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 08:39]
Arrives: Berlin [in 1 d 3hr 44 mins., at 10:23]

Moscow RUS 0 km     08:39
Vjazíma RUS 234 km 3hr. 5min. 11:44 12:07
Smolensk RUS 419 km 5hr. 23min. 14:02 14:07
Orsha BELARUS 538 km 6hr. 56min. 14:35 14:50
Minsk BELARUS 750 km 9hr. 36min. 17:15 17:38
Brest BELARUS 1094 km 13hr. 48min. 21:27 23:55
Terespolí POLAND 1101 km 16hr. 34min. 23:13 23:53
Warsaw POLAND 1311 km 20hr. 16min. 02:55 02:59
Poznaní POLAND 1627 km 23hr. 48min. 06:27 06:37
Frankfurt-Oder GERMANY 1806 km 1d 2h 15min. 08:54 09:18
Berlin GERMANY 1906 km 1d 3h 44min. 10:23  

Train: #014 Moscow - Berlin
Departs: Berlin [only on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday at 13:34]
Arrives: Moscow, Belorusskaya railway station [in 1 d 4hr 46 mins., at 20:20]

Berlin GERMANY 0 km     13:34
Frankfurt-Oder GERMANY 100 km 1hr. 6min. 14:40 15:01
Poznaní POLAND 279 km 3hr. 41min. 17:15 17:20
Warsaw POLAND 595 km 7hr. 30min. 21:04 21:09
Terespolí POLAND 805 km 10hr. 26min. 00:00 00:54
Brest BELARUS 812 km 12hr. 6min. 02:40 04:47
Minsk BELARUS 1156 km 18hr. 15min. 08:49 09:20
Orsha BELARUS 1368 km 21hr. 23min. 11:57 12:24
Smolensk RUS 1488 km 23hr. 13min. 14:47 14:52
Vjazíma RUS 1664 km 1d 1h 10min. 16:44 17:07
Moscow RUS 1907 km 1d 4h 46min. 20:20  


Train # 019, Saint-Petersburg ñ Berlin
This is a Fast train with higher class of service Firmenny train.

Both 1st and 2nd class compartments are available. 1st class has sleeping berths for 2 people. 2nd class has sleeping berths for 4 people.


Departs from Saint-Petersburg
(Vitebsliy station):
23:40 (Tue, Fri, Sun-summer; Mon, Wed, Fri - winter)
Arrival Warsaw: 06:25
Arrives to Berlin: 10:23
Train #247 Berlin - Saint-Petersburg
Departs from Berlin: 13:41 (Tue, Thu, Sun ñ summer; Wed, Fri, Sun ñ winter)
Arrives to Saint-Petersburg
(Vitebsliy station):
Travel time: 36:40
Total: km/miles: 2019/1254


Station of departure
Station of arrival
Travel Time
Berlin Ostbahnhof Warsaw Wschodnia 08:33 17:04 Daily 8h 31min
Berlin Lichtenberg Warsaw Wschodnia 08:36 17:29 Daily 8h 53min
Warszawa Centralna Berlin Ostbahnhof 07:25 13:05 Daily 5h 40min
Warszawa Centralna Berlin Ostbahnhof 11:25 17:05 Daily 5h 40min
Warszawa Centralna Berlin-Lichtenberg 13:25 21:29 Daily 8h 4min
Warszawa Centralna Berlin Ostbahnhof 13:25 21:51 Daily 8h 26min